Setting a paradigm of impact analysis to the world

Resonance measures the impact of their housing offering to charity partners and their beneficiaries in order to:
(a) deliver more effective social programmes
(b) prove the impact of their work to their funders and
(c) attract new funders that operate on frameworks like ESGs, SDGs or any framework they wish to expand to.

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Alice transformed our tenants’ surveys into a poweful showcase of our impact. That enabled us to secure more funds, acquire ESG investors and contribute to housing policies.


Martin Lawson

Head of impact & innovation

Alice is Christmas for impact data reporting. Their data processing logic fits any of our data sets. It allows us to do our impact reporting faster, more effectively and go the extra mile with the insights we produce.


Andy Schofield

Founder & partner

Innovation: Pioneering the first Blockchain Visa card for beneficiaries